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The Lukas Team

You care about saving lives and we make sure you have the right equipment for it.

We “LUKASians” have been working since 1972 to provide you with the best possible support for your deployment scenarios all over the world. On the one hand we rely on the high quality of our rescue equipment “Made in Germany”. On the other hand, we always have an ear in the market, question ourselves and have never lost sight of the claim to the optimization of our hydraulic tools. We are the LUKAS TEAM that works tirelessly for you.

Become a part of this TEAM and carry this spirit with us out into the world. In our LUKAS Webshop you will find the right equipment for it.

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Best Quality

At Lukas we pay attention to excellent quality and high standard of our products. With many regional and national manufacturers we find the best for you and your team. Convince yourself!


Just a bit of the “Zalan …” feeling – just for you! Admit it, you wanted to let go of that scream when the postman stands at your doorstep and has a package for you. Now you can look forward to the order after your order – which usually arrives within 2-3 days.

30 days

Safety first, this phrase is not only in our industry, but also applies to your order with us! If you are not satisfied with your order, you have a 30-day money back guarantee with us and of course get your money refunded or you are welcome to spend it on another beautiful LUKAS item.