Cross ramming is sometime referred to as ‘reforming’; a process of using hydraulic rams to push the vehicle structure back to somewhere near its original shape to create space and/or free an entrapment e.g. following a substantial side impact. Without the ability to train vehicles that have suffered such damage, again we cannot refine our […]


Whilst most road traffic collisions will be ‘standard’ in terms of the number, location and orientation of vehicles and patients they involve, a small number will provide a more significant challenge. Providing our training is well planned and delivered, we should be well prepared for the vast majority of incidents we face. That said, we […]


The late 1990’s saw the introduction of the world’s first commercially available hybrid vehicle (Toyota Prius, 1997) and a little more than a decade later we saw the emergence of wholly electric vehicles with models such as the Nissan Leaf, first produced in 2010. The electrification of vehicles has resulted in another area of concern […]


The key here is keeping it simple and creating as much space with as little effort as possible. We often overlook just what can be achieved manually (with only our gloved hand) and very often we do not do this early enough in the extrication process. This means we spend too much time trying to […]


In my opinion, this is the most important section of this entire book and I cannot emphasize enough just how critical quality training and preplanning is when it comes to vehicle extrication. Whilst this may seem obvious, my experience leads me to believe that even today in many countries the amount, frequency and quality of […]


There is a distinct difference between the relocation of a dashboard in a training environment and during an operational rescue. Remember: to remove a mechanical entrapment, we simply have to be able to see daylight around our patient; this may mean a movement (or relocation) of no more than a few inches. Of course, more […]


When discussing personal safety, it is all too easy to focus on the potential physical harm we may be exposed to as part of our role as emergency responders. We routinely discuss risks, hazards and control measures in relation to our practical working environment, but up until very recently, we rarely discuss the potential for […]


The removal of power from vehicles is something we have been familiar with for many years and it has become part of our established protocols. Isolation of the 12v power on all vehicles and since 1997, the high voltage system on hybrid vehicles has principally been driven by the need to isolate airbags and SRS […]


2003 // The new blade geometry of the LS 501 EN cutter automatically brings material into the correct position. The LS 530 cutter provides rescuers with a huge blade opening.