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Vehicle Extrication – The Next Generation is a new book from Rescue Consultant Ian Dunbar in partnership with LUKAS Rescue GmbH. The 290 page, hard cover book provides comprehensive guidance for those involved in the rescue of persons from road traffic collisions. The author has drawn upon nearly three decades in emergency response as an operational fire officer, consultant, author, and educator; spending the last twenty years focussed solely on vehicle extrication. He has worked with emergency responders in over 100 countries worldwide.

In addition to covering the technical aspects of extrication, safety, vehicle construction, technology and electrification along with a wide range of technical processes and evolutions, Vehicle Extrication – The Next Generation looks in detail at other factors that contribute to safe and successful outcomes. These include extrication planning, human factors, training (how we can improve our approach to training and preparedness).

Ian says There is very little guidance or structured training when it comes to extrication planning and we should formalize this in our approach from this point forward. Extrication planning, along with other ‘human factors’, is an area where we can make marginal gains in the field of vehicle extrication and in this book, I will consider extrication plans, how they are contrived, communicated, delivered and if necessary, changed in order to adapt to the dynamic situation”.

Vehicle Extrication – The Next Generation got a positive book review in the 79. issue of the „Technical Rescue“ (pages Seiten 14-19). Read now

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